Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Exterior rendering - Johnstone's Pliolite Masonry Paint

Exterior rendering painted with Johnstone's Pliolite Masonry Paint:

"Johnstone's Stormshield Pliolite Based Masonry Finish is a premium quality, solvent-based paint formulated for exterior use on cement rendering, rough cast, brick and concrete. It provides a smooth matt finish that has excellent adhesion to previously painted and suitably sealed surfaces. The Pliolite resin enables application at temperatures down to -5ÂșC and becomes showerproof in 20 minutes, allowing all year round exterior decoration"

Needed to be brushed down first - quite a dusty surface!

A bit tired looking perhaps, but an extremely good rendering job done by Russell Prain.

Masked off well, as the windows have been recently stain and varnished.

It's quite a long way up on a windy day!!

The weather was on my side, thankfully!

First coat going on.

Diluted 10% with white spirit so that it sinks in, stabilising the surface.

Time to move the ladder by any chance?

The last few touch-ups...

Three coats, takes a bit longer than water based masonry paint, but it's well worth it.

All finished.


  1. Three coats? My decorator says it only needs two - does three give a more durable finish?

  2. It looks good after rendering the wall with 3 coats of paint, have you used White Setting Services before making it painted?

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